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Gary is 79 years old. He was sued for defamation. After 6 stressful years, he won the lawsuit. The judge wrote that the lawsuit was "devoid of merit," and was about "creating trouble" for Gary Kellam.  It certainly did! 

In spite of his win, Gary owes $52,000 in legal expenses. If you've ever known an injustice, then you'll understand why we want to help him out. 

Gary's friends and colleagues are organizing a benefit show on June 15, 2018.  (click here for details). At this show, we want to present him with a check for whatever amount we can raise between now and June 15th.

You've heard the expression "he wouldn't hurt a fly".  He's a gentle caring human being and a life long teacher, always dedicating himself to the well being of others.  Well that's Gary in a nutshell. 

He did not defame anyone! He was caught in a legal trap! He won his case overwhelmingly and he is now facing a crushing debt of $52,000.

My name is Mike Proulx. I'm a friend, colleague and student of his.  Please, help me help him. It's heartbreaking to see this injustice take place. Help me set it right!

Mike Proulx
Fundraising Coordinator for the Gary Kellam Benefit Fund

***If you wish to know more about his legal battles, you can get a summary here .